History of Cinema 2

December 13th, 2010

Bonnie and Clyde

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First time ever watching this film and I have to say this was my second favorite. It was very humorous to me. I think the film did a good job bringing up very serious issues and yet managing to still make us laugh as viewers. Bonnie and Clyde and the rest of the gang are presented as likeable characters making us forget at times that are murderers and robbers. Not only was the film funny but also sad, I actually felt sad seeing the final scene. Watching the film brought about so many questions about the relationship between Bonnie and Clyde, like is this romantic? It’s hard to be judgemental about these characters, because in fact that are doing things against the law and yet I feel sorry for them. Then at other instances in the film I didn’t feel so sorry because they are trying to live life by taking the easy way out.

December 13th, 2010

Pather Panchali

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In all honesty this was the least favorite of all movie screenings. I can see the similarities with Umberto D in that it is a film of the mundane, but I couldn’t enjoy this film as much as Umberto D. The lighting was very dark making it hard to focus on what was going on at times, although I can see why the director chose to do so, in order to give it that realistic view. But I felt that it was slow paced when it could have been cut a lot shorter. The movie started to pick up towards the end with the death of Durka, but even so I can’t say I enjoyed it.

December 13th, 2010


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My first time ever watching this film and I was immediately hooked! I heard many good things of the film prior to watching it, but never did I think I would have enjoyed it this much. Definitely inspired to watch more Hitchcock films, and overall venture out into the world of film. I haven’t watch many films so I think would be a good time to start venturing out. I made a Netflix account and watched Psycho about 3 more times after screening it in class. There was nothing I can say negatively of the film. It’s an absolute classic in all its right. My favorite movie of all the screenings this semester thus far. The acting was great, cinematography was fantastic, the music drew me in the most.

Which reminds me, I would have never guessed this song was referencing Psycho lol

December 12th, 2010

Written on the Wind

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Watching this film was definitely a treat because of the strong use of COLOR! Not only was this a visually appealing film, but the plot of the film was interesting as well as the characters themselves. My favorite scene were the ones down by the river. The colors were so vivid, the scenes were so photographic. I have to say that Marylee’s character was the most interesting to me. I was a bit reluctant to see a melodramatic film because I honestly thought it would get annoying. But it did not. At times I found the overly dramatic scenes amusing. But that is what makes it a classic. It was specifically intended to embellish on dramatizing the film and I think Sirk did a fantastic job.

December 9th, 2010

Film Analysis 2

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Douglas Sirk’s Written on the Wind (1956) is a classic melodramatic film. The film touches upon many societal issues. There are conflicts about difference between social classes, relationships among men and women, questions of masculinity, family relationships, alcoholism, and many others. A scene that resonated with me the most was when Marylee quite literally dances her father to death. This scene in particular commentates about the individual characters in general but most importantly the relationship amongst family members, particularly in a wealthy family.

The scene caught my attention because of the upbeat music as well as the vivid use of color, but most importantly because of the way the scene was filmed was very interesting to me. The scene was a very brilliant way of showing Jasper’s death because there is no dialogue but so much is being said. There is much contrast on what first appears to be a cheerful upbeat scene as opposed to what was actually happening outside of Marylee’s room.

The scene begins with Marylee entering her room after being driven home by the police. After lighting her cigarette and grabbing the photograph of Mitch, she begins to dance. Immediately one notices the reasons for her actions, being Mitch, the center of her world. When watching the scene, I also noticed the lighting, how it competes with the upbeat music, it was not as vibrant as other scenes, perhaps because it is in fact at night but I think it helps to foreshadow what is about to happen and to remind us that this is in fact is not a happy scene.

There is then a cut in the scene to Jasper’s office. As he leaves the office to go up to Marylee’s room, Mitch has the gun in his hand and puts it back in the drawer. This can be perceived as another way of foreshadowing what is to come. We then go back to Marylee’s room where she is now wearing a bright red gown, also possibly another indicator of death. There is a back and forth between Jasper going up the stairs and Marylee dancing in her room, and it seems as though the closer he gets to her room, the more fiercely Marylee dances, and the louder the music gets.

It is also very ironic how when Jasper starts to fall down the stairs, the music appears to accompany the action. Another instance in which that appears to happen is when Lucy looks down the stairs, the music is almost in cue with her reaction as well. Marylee’s change of clothes may something else to pay attention to. She starts off wearing white, then black, then red. Also her clothes become more revealing. This change in wardrobe can help symbolize the father’s death as well as Marylee showing her “true colors.”

Also to notice is the way Jasper leaves his office to go see Marylee. He is the only person to speak in the scene, his final words and yet it is very brief. Similarly his death was very sudden as well. Also as the camera cuts between Jasper and Marylee as Jasper goes up the stairs, Marylee’s back is turned as her father goes up the stairs. This parallel  between those cuts can describe their kind of relationship. Without Marylee’s knowledge, her back is turned on her father which leads to his demise. As he continues to go up the stairs her lower part of her body is only being shown, indicating her disrespect and complete disregard towards her father. This view also  reminds the viewer as to why this situation occurred in the first place, because of her promiscuity.

This scene says a lot about the individual characters particularly Marylee and Jasper. As for Marylee, this scene shows how selfish and self centered she is. The fact alone that she begins to play music loudly at a time in which everyone appears to be sleeping along with her other actions throughout the film reinforces this idea. Marylee is completely oblivious of what is occurring outside of her room, indicating how she tends to dirsregard things that are not in her immediate world.

Jasper Hadley throughout the film is a pretty stagnant character. He is a typical  parent who cares for the well being of his children. His downfall was in part due to perhaps his downfall as a father. The way of life of the Hadleys was full of luxury and as a result, his children became spoiled and self destructive beings, completely uncapable of controlling their lives.

This scene and film in general helps to illustrate that looks are deceiving. Although from the surface, the Hadleys appear to be a very fortunate family blessed with wealth which are times associated with happiness, is in fact a family full of instability ultimately leading to tragedy.

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